A space for musicians to realize their creative visions. By providing a variety of recording services and wide-ranging musical expertise, we invite musicians of all backgrounds to work and collaborate in our studios. Too often, we see studio environments that mangle or misdirect an artist’s creative process. In building our studio, we hope to share an atmosphere that enables exploration and originality.

Our studio runs out of a 24/7 commercial building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Our main live room features 12’ ceilings, hardwood floors, and plenty of space. We have multiple isolated spaces for overdubbing and live recording situations. Our main control room features a Neve 5106 console rebult by Kevin McMahon into a custom desk designed and built by Shaina Tabak. We have  a large assortment of recording equipment and instruments, from refined and classic, to lo-fi and weird.

We’re available for long and short term projects of all types and are always open to new ideas. The studios are also available for rental to outside engineers, producers, and artists.